Taste Washington! Seattle, Washington

Taste Washington! sponsored by the Washington State Wine Commission was just what this neophyte Washington wine drinker needed to get a more in-depth look at what is happening in this state’s wine scene. I wasn’t disappointed as my first seminar explored the Seven Hills Vineyard grape growing site in Walla Walla, Washington. Named one of the Top Ten vineyards in the world by Wine & Spirits Magazine, it’s one of the oldest vineyards in the region. The panel made up of sommelier, winemaker, writer, grape grower, gave an interesting overview….each from unique perspectives. These are people I’d like to corner and ask endless questions of, but thought it best to let them have a break for lunch.

The lunch…one name…..Michael Mina. For someone who doesn’t get twitchy over where or what I’m eating, I have to admit….Michael Mina gets me out of my chair. As I was trying to decide on a riesling or chardonnay, an introduction was made and Michael Mina was casually stepping up to the microphone to speak. He was there to announce that his famed RN74 restaurant would be opening in Seattle this summer. Named after the highway that runs through Burgandy’s Cote d’Or, RN74 is a wine-bar with Mina gastronomy, but keeping with a more rustic Burgundian feel. A native of Washington, Mr. Mina has finally returned home.

If the Washington State Wine Commission wanted to “look under the rocks of our best vineyards with our finest grape growers and see what dirt we can get on the dirt”…they succeeded in a big way. Elite wine minds of the country joined together to share knowledge and engage with each other, and the attendees.  Well done!


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2 Responses to Taste Washington! Seattle, Washington

  1. Hey Gail,
    I spent some time in Walla Walla this past summer and was very impressed with what Washington is doing with wine. There’s an amazing variety and I think Walla Walla has so much potential to be a great wine destination. There are over a dozen tasting rooms in downtown, dozens more on the outskirts, gourmet restaurants, and great accommodations (Vine & Roses B&B or the Marcus Whitman Hotel in downtown).

    Seattle is also becoming quite the hot spot for the wine scene… and I’m lovin’ it! ;-)

    Do you have a favorite Washington winery?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Katie!
    So true about Seattle….. no favorite winery yet, but heading to Walla Walla this month and perhaps the Lake Chelan area. Thanks for the heads up on the accommocations!

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